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Why Did We Create Tor Search?

There are many Tor search engines but all of them are filled with spam, CP & other junk, I made for people who want to explore the dark net but not have to

worry about seeing extremely illegal content. We use Google as a back end for the search so hopefully they will filter out any troublesome content.

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How do I access onion websites?

Tor Search use tor2web proxies so you can access the sites in your normal browser but this is not recommended! Your ISP will be able to see what websites you visit and what information you send to them, please download and the use the Tor browser too stay safe.

Is it illegal to use Tor?

This depends on what country you are in but most countries it's not illegal to browse the dark net. It also depends on what you do, just looking for the fun of it should be completely fine but if you buy drugs or stolen CCs then you will run into legal issues.

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Do I need a VPN to stay safe?

Tor is enough to keep you secure, your IPS & government won't be able to see what websites you use & connect to. But they will know you are using Tor by the relay IPs your browser connects to, if you are paranoid by all means use a VPN.

The Hidden Answers

In my opinion one of the most interesting and quality onion websites on Tor is The Hidden Answers. They have been operating for years and have one of the most engaging and entertaining communities on the dark net. The Hidden Answers is a yahoo answers like website but with the ability too ask any question you like anonymously. They also have dedicated website for asking questions in Spanish Portuguese & Russian.

You can access The Hidden Answers using their onion address: answerszuvs3gg2l64e6hmnryudl5zgrmwm3vh65hzszdghblddvfiqd.onion or by clicking here to use a tor2web proxy.

Terms of Service

Tor Search is not responsible for the contact that we link to. All results are pulled from Google and if there is any offending content you must contact Google too have it removed. We cannot be held responsible for any misinformation or damages to you or your computer.